Gridler IMatch

  • Connect any device

    Securely connect any smartphone with Bluetooth LE or USB

  • FBI certified Fingerprint Scanner

    Identify and verify people by their fingerprint

  • Scan ID documents

    Scan the MRZ of passports, ID Cards or barcodes of driver licenses

  • Read ID Contact chips

    Insert any ICAO contact chip ID card

  • Read ID RFID chips

    Check an ID document or drivers license by reading the RFID chip

Identification & verification

Identification and verification of people is globally getting more and more important. Due to the terroristic attacks and the large amount of unidentified people who are crossing borders every day, governments face major challenges to secure national safety. 

Mobile technology can help to optimise border control and other law enforcement processes. GridLer developed an attachment for smartphones and tablets called iMatch. iMatch provides state of the art technology for identification and verification of identities. The device combines mobile fingerprinting, identity document verification and NFC / smartcard reading with an unique usability.

iMatch mobile identification solution - top
iMatch mobile identification solution - back
iMatch mobile identification solution - legend

Authenticate ID documents

The Gridler iMatch authenticates and reads ICAO compliance international ID documents by using the camera of the smartphone to read the Machine Readable Zone and an optimized NFC antenna to read the RFID chip from the document.

Machine Readable Zone

The MRZ software of the Gridler iMatch uses special developed algorithms and image processing technics to read and interpreted the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ). It will also automatically adjust the settings of the camera in the smartphone to ensure high scan performances.


The highly optimized NFC antenna in the Gridler iMatch ensures effortless reading of the RFID chip in ICAO ID documents. It reads the BAC, PACE and EAC for identity documents inspection.

Smartcard reader

iMatch mobile identification solution - smartcard

The iMatch has a built-in contact smartcard reader to support a wide range of smartcards. This includes E-ID documents conform ISO 7810 and ISO 7816 such as they are using for example in Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria and in Finland.

Fingerprint reader

iMatch mobile identification solution - fingerprint

The integrated WSQ fingerprint scanner with 256 grey levels provides the user a trustful identification of people. iMatch selected a FBI PIV IQC certificated fingerprint scanner which provides 500 dpi quality images. This gives organisations the possibility to verify and match fingerprints based on a 1:1 or 1:N (multiple records) method.

RFID reader

iMatch mobile identification solution - RFID ID card

The iMatch makes it possible to read contactless chips of ID documents conform ISO 14443 Mifare Desfire RFID protocol and perform also the electronic authentication checks, even with IOS devices. The passport image in color can be read as well and processed.
Electronic authentication:

  • Passive Authentication
  • Active Authentication
  • Basis Access Control
  • Crosscheck MRZ / Chip


The connection between the iMatch and a smartphone or tablet is easily established with Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE). The superior power management of the BTLE ensures that it consumes 40% less battery and connects better than other Bluetooth solutions. The integrated BTLE technology in the iMatch gives users more flexibility in the way of use, choice of smartphone and better time management.



The iMatch is fully secure and offers physical protection for sensitive content like keys and therefor prevents Man in The Middle attacks to make sure useful information can not be sniffed.
The iMatch is equipped with the special ECC508A chip that offers both protection. It has physical protection built in against tampering, works on the principle that it receives and internally processes cryptographic inputs and finally internally randomizes operations using a high quality random number generator.


The iMatch is compatible with Android operating systems 4.1 and higher and will be available for IOS in the near future. An iMatch demo application for Android is currently available on request. iMatch also provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android to make integration possible in current applications. Software support and development is available on request.



To ensure a full day of intensive use the iMatch integrated a rechargeable LiPo 1650 mAh battery. The iMatch can be chargers Qi wireless and or by a mini USB cable. A full charge of an empty battery takes maximum 2 hours.

4-point magnetic connection

To improve the flexibility of users and to allow single handed use, a smartphone or tablet can be connected to the iMatch with a 4-point magnetic sticker. This sticker can be attached to the reverse side of any mobile device. The magnetic connection does not interfere with the day to day use of mobile devices. 


iMatch mobile identification solution - sticker

Technical information

iMatch mobile identification solution - size